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Energy Rates are going up again!

Have you as a homeowner ever thought about what a High efficiency Furnace could do for you or even what an Electric Furnace could do?  You, as a homeowner may want to start to think about this!  Xcel Energy is proposing to increase their Natural Gas prices to homeowners by 5.65% in 2013, 2.8% in 2014 and 2.83% in 2014 (PUC NO-6 Gas Tariff).  Their reasoning behind this is to be able to increase the 20 year outlook for project repairs to 10 years.  Now, our question is what happens in 2015?  Our assumptions are that the price that you see on your bill will not go down but will continue to increase due to an improved economy and the increase in natural gas due to more consumption being used by that improved economy.
So, here is a question you should ask yourself.  “Do I get a high efficiency Gas Furnace to help offset those costs or do I look into getting an Electric Furnace and then install a Photovoltaic Electric System (Solar) on my roof to help eliminate those costs all together”?  Both ways would be wise to do, however, a gas furnace will not increase the value of your home like a Solar Photovoltaic System will that helps power an Electric Furnace.  Xcel Energy would say that both options are a wise one. 
Solar Supply of Colorado is here to help.  We can show you how you can see an increase in your home’s value, return on investment in 5 to 6 years and how you can help the environment as a whole.  Please feel free to call Solar Supply of Colorado at anytime.  We are here to help you, the homeowner, make a financially sound decision. posted: December 28, 2012 - Solar Supply - Colorado Solar Power - Blog
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