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How to pay, How not to Pay a Contractor!

Have you ever had any work done on your home or business?  Has the contractor that you hired asked for funds up-front prior to pulling permits?  Have you ever paid in full for a job that has not been started?
 If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you must be careful and make sure that the money is being spent correctly.  For instance, never ever hand out funds until materials have been delivered or at least proven to you that they have been purchased.  The one mistake that homeowners or businesses do way to often is make payment on a project prior to having any work done or materials purchased.  A reputable contractor will not ask for any type of payment on the job until they have either purchased materials or have delivered materials to the jobsite.    Most contractors have payment plans worked out and have established payment terms with their distributors.  Contractors that require upfront money normally do not have these terms established or area not very good at making payment on the materials that have been purchased.  If there is concern once a contractor has asked for payment prior to materials being purchased ask the contractor who their distributors are and feel free to call them.  No matter what, the general rule is never pay for anything on your project until you know for sure that the materials have been purchased or that the work has been completed.Here at Solar Supply of Colorado, we never ask for money upfront for materials or work that has not yet been completed.  Our Ethical stance is that we purchase materials and ask the customer to come to our warehouse to view the materials or we deliver the materials to their local prior to collecting funds for those materials.  In addition to that, we do not collect final payment until the project has been completed and is commissioned.

Solar Supply of Colorado is your #1 source for Solar Products, Installation and Engineering of any Solar System.  We take the upper road and have a strong Ethics to this industry and our customers.  Do not be fooled, stick with the local leader that is locally owned and operated and is in conjunction with our parent company that has been in business for over 25 years. posted: November 7, 2013 - Solar Supply - Colorado Solar Power - Blog
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