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Is your Solar not Working?

Is your PV Solar Array not working?  Is the company that you purchased it from no longer in business?  Do you feel that the system was installed poorly and to quick?

All of these questions maybe going through your mind if you are having issues with your PV System on the roof of your home.  As of lately, we have been having Solar PV owners calling us to ask if we could look at their system becuase it does not seem to be working right.  The #1 issue we seem to be seeing is poor installation.  Unfortunetly, these systems that are having these issues is due to the fact that the system was installed poorly and as quick as possible so that the selling company could make a quick buck and be done with it.  The end result.....A PV System that is no longer working or is working, but under performing.

If this is you, please do call Solar Supply of Colorado.  We are the local experts that can diagnos and fix any issues that you maybe having with your Solar Array. posted: October 10, 2013 - Solar Supply - Colorado Solar Power - Blog
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