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Micro Inverters and $$ Savings!!!

Have you ever been told by an installer that Micro Inverters are not the way to go?  Specifically Enphase Micro Inverters because they will what some in the Industry call "Flat Line"?

Truth be told, this is not the case.  A Micro inverter can handle more than what the face plate states because when it comes down to it the rating of the module are really based on the STC which is a combination of the temperature of the air as well as the amount of light hitting it.

When it comes down to it, Enphase Micro Inverters are the best money for the project because the chances of an Inverter Flat lining are almost none.  Next time, do a cost comparison and see what gets you the most money vs. kWh.  Education is key, so do not just go by a sales reps word, research it and you will see for yourself.

For more information on this subject, click on the link that takes you to an article about Enphase Inverters and Module combinations.

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