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Prices Have Just Dropped!


Just announced - Substantially lower pricing on our solar installs.

Save thousands off previous quotes.

Best deal we have ever had on solar.

If your still serious about solar, now is the best time to get signed up for a new system.

We have procured a large number of top quality solar modules, and inverters.  Due to bulk pricing we are able to drop the price of a new residential solar system by a substantial amount.  Act now and take full advantage of the rapidly disappearing Xcel solar rebates.  Why pay money out of pocket when we offer full financing designed to cut your electric bill by as much as half?*  

Are you ready to stop paying higher, and higher, electric rates?  At today's inflation your electric bill will more than double in 10 years unless you do something about it right now.  Solar is the answer - and it's saving people tens of thousands in future electric bills.

We are not like those other guys - here's how we help our customers every day:
- You own the system, this is not some lease that you get locked into.
- You keep all the Federal and Xcel rebates (this pays for most of the system for you).
- You get a 25 year warranty on modules and inverters.
- You become your own power company and will never get a rate hike again.
- You get micro inverters rather than string inverters giving you more power per month, with bigger rebate checks.
- And best of all, you drop your monthly payment far below what your paying for electric now with zero out of pocket expense!

Contact Solar Supply of Colorado today and get your "three months with no electric payments" as a special thank you.  You can't afford to miss this opportunity to save thousands.  No money out of pocket - drop your electic bill by as much as HALF!* posted: March 27, 2013 - Solar Supply - Colorado Solar Power - Blog
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