I dealt with Solar Supply of Colorado who are very knowledgeable about the solar process, and helped me with Xcel energy to get the check from them.  I found the solar panels to work right as expected.  In fact, it is truly effortless on my part.  I look at the usage frequently and do not pay an electric bill.  I expect the credit to catch up when there is snow or overcast days, but I am really happy with my system.  SSC was great to work with and they even painted the extra railing to match my roof tiles.  They would show up when they said they would and was trustworthy on all accounts.  They were careful when inside my house.  They were considerate to protect my house which is new, and they were polite.  I have no problems with my solar, and I thought the workmanship was top notch.  I recommend their company 100%.  I do not think anyone could do better.


B. Weiss
I just want to start by saying I had maybe 5 different estimates from many different companies. I tried to keep it consistent with what I am after so I'm comparing apples to apples. The system I chose and Solar Supply suggested is a 29 panel system with the individual inverters for each panel. They (Solar Supply of Colorado) were the only company that is letting me install the system myself. I'm saving around 5,000 dollars. John (with Solar Supply) has been very helpful. He has instructed me and assisted me with every step.  I've been dragging my feet a little because of my work and other stuff and John has been keeping me on track by jumping in and helping me keeps my project going. From the beginning to End I can't say enough good things about them. I would definitely use them again for other projects I might have and refer them to my family and friends for their projects. Solar Supply of Colorado is very good and true to their word. I'm very satisfied.

M. Nelson 



I was originally referred to Solar Supply of Colorado in by friend that knew I had been thinking about solar for many years.   I was contacted by their sales rep and started the solar conversation with them.  I was originally thinking of doing the most of the labor myself.  SSC provided me with two quotes, one doing most of the install myself and one with the install done completely by them.  After getting the quotes and doing more research, I decided to have the SSC do the full install. 

During the beginning conversations SSC did a great job to address any concerns or questions that I had.  Once my concerns were addressed, equipment was suggested, based on what my requirements were.  SSC took care of the system design and all permitting.  They provided a CAD panel layout, professional wiring diagrams and very detailed electrical specifications to meet all codes and cover the utility’s rebate requirements.  They made sure that the finished product passed all inspections and took care of any inspection changes that were required by the city or the utility company.  Overall there was a lot more work involved than I could have ever imagined and I’m very happy that I had them do the design/install  and handle the paperwork necessary to receive the utility rebates.

Anytime I had a question about the system or the rebate process the sales rep was very timely in answering all questions and kept me up to date on where we were in the approval process with the utility.  In the end I found that everyone on the entire team was very knowledgeable and professional.  They really do know what the best equipment is for your application and what techniques and methods they need to use to make the whole design and install flow seamlessly.  From a home owners perspective, once I gave them the green light, I didn’t have to worry about anything.  They took care of everything and their pricing is the best that I found in the metro area.  Even the big name installers were more expensive.  In the end I’m very happy I went with Solar Supply of Colorado and gave my business to a local company.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering getting a residential solar system.


S. Briske



I contacted several companies for a solar panel installation for my home after researching the value, and detail considerations, of this project. Solar Supply of Colorado clearly showed a greater expertise in designing a better system for my home. Their customer service has been exemplary, the system is very cost-effective and a great fit for my home's unusual needs, and I am delighted and impressed with the commitment to excellence Solar Supply of Colorado exhibits in all aspects of this project.

Eric F.


February 7, 2011

Dear Kevin and John,

Solar Supply of Colorado installed our solar system in October of 2011. Kevin did an awesome job in presenting his proposal after researching several other solar companies. The numbers he presented made it clear that Solar Supply of Colorado's system was the way to proceed, and that buying instead of renting was a much better option in the long run. The use of micro-inverters was the final incentive to go with their system. We preferred having the personal touch that Solar Supply of Colorado provided and liked giving our business to a local company.

John and the installation team were fast, efficient and very considerate of not intruding in our home. It took 2 days to install our 32 panel system. They were attentive to every detail and cleaned up after the installation leaving our home and yard in tip top shape. It was so exciting when we finally went live and got to watch our new meter run backwards for the first time. Our neighbors and co-workers were very impressed with our system and we have had several inquiries about the results of our system. We love having our electric bill now only being a few dollars a month instead of a hundred or more.

My husband Roger now enjoys watching the weather every day, not for the temperatures, but for the "sun" forecast. He now feels every sunny day is money in our pocket. Having a solar system gives us the security we enjoy knowing we have gone "green" and are less dependent on Xcel and their rising rates.

We would recommend Solar Supply of Colorado for any of your solar needs and are 100% satisfied with a job well done.

Thanks Solar Supply for making my husband’s lifelong dream to be solar come true.


P. &  R  Kvande
Thornton, CO 80229


To: Whom it may concern (written 2-15-2012)

From: Penington and Linda W.

Regarding: Solar Panel Installation at above address, 2010 and 2011

We contracted with Solar Supply of Colorado (Structural Services) in the early fall of 2010 for installation of a system to enhance the value of the residence and to reduce our cost of electricity. John Fisher tackled the long and often confusing application project with Xcel Energy with vigor and persistence. We wisely elected to delay installation to the early summer of 2011 because of the weather and complexity of our roof design on a three story house. Again John handled the difficult design situation with persistence.

John personally delivered the materials in June 2011, taking care that there was no danger of material theft after delivery.  He and his team had to combat weather changes and fitting the panels and cables to a difficult roof design, but persistence paid off. A three story drop for the cable network to the meters took a lot of ingenuity, complicated by difficult electrical inspectors. By mid fall the 48 panels were working. We are very pleased with the Enphase monitoring system that John installed and continues to monitor, along with our ability to remotely check the system by computer. We have received four rebate checks and our accountant is working on our income tax deductions. In summary, even with a few minor unavoidable hitches, we would do it again and have recommended to friends and neighbors that they look into a solar system. John and Jerry were great to work with.  We welcome any visitors to see our system and Enphase monitoring system.



John and the rest of the Solar Supply of Colorado crew did an excellent job installing a new 10kw system on my house. John was professional and kept me updated on all aspects of the job as the installation was happening. Installation is not just, “They show up one day and install some panels.” There are many steps to plod through, most of them involving Xcel. Xcel was not terribly responsive but John always kept me up to date with where the applications and permits were as they traveled through the Xcel labyrinth. Dennis and the install crew were professional, polite, and willing to answer questions and provide solutions. We had a unique situation with my install in that I have a very steep roof and the panels are very slick. Part of my deck runs out from under the roof line and the first snow we had we ended up with a large avalanche of snow coming off the roof and pounding the deck, I was glad neither of my children were on the deck. I asked John about this and he engineered a solution to help hold the snow up but not allow ice to build up on the panels causing inefficiency. 

Thank you John.

If you decide Solar is for you or you just have questions I would highly recommend Solar Supply of Colorado as your go to source.


To Whom It May Concern

My wife and I purchased a Solar panel array from Solar Supply of Colorado this fall and are delighted with the product.
My Brother-in –law purchased a system from Solar Supply of Colorado last year and we were so impressed with the product that we set up an appointment with Kevin Galvin, Sales Associate for Solar Supply.

Our first visit with Kevin was a no pressure product presentation.  Kevin gave the product information and some basic payback details.
On the second visit Kevin presented detailed information on the actual costs and projected payback time period as well as potential savings for the long term.  We were impressed, and with my Brother-in-laws whole-hearted recommendation we decided to move forward.

From a homeowners perspective the entire process was hassle free as their engineer, John Fischer took care of everything, permits, design documents, all of the approvals with the local districts and Xcel Energy (our power provider) requirements.  Solar Supply handled the materials procurement and the entire installation, including the web page to track our production and carbon offsets.  It couldn’t have been easier!

I would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone who wishes to buy the best Solar PV system around, they did a superb job for us!  Great people with your satisfaction as priority one!

Dennis & Cindy W


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