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As of lately many of you reading our blogs, Facebook, etc...And have been seeing that there are advertisements out there stating that a Utility company is producing Solar "The Right Way"!  What is the Right Way?  Is it developing large fields of solar modules and producing solar electrical power to then turn around and charge the customer the same cost as coal burning electricity?  Or is it that the solar power is going to be sold at a premium similar to wind power?
The right way in our opinion is to develop solar power to benefit the people and to drop the price of electricity for those that wish to be green, save money and use a space on the roof of their home that has no other purpose.  For instance, the roof of your home is just dead space that other than keeping the elements at bay has no other real purpose.  So why not develop it by installing solar modules that can produce electricity to power your home?  The utilities thoughts are to go out in the middle of nowhere and use land that could be used for other good purposes.  So why use up land for a renewable energy that can be produced on the roof of your home?  Is this really a good practice to take up acres and acres of usable land that can produce food for the many?  We think not.
Overall, you can be saving money and developing a dead space on your roof by going with Solar Power from Solar Supply of Colorado.  We stride in making the world a healthier and overall better place to live by being wise on the use of our resources.
Contact Solar Supply today for all of your Solar Needs!!!!
  posted: May 7, 2014

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Coming in the next few months Solar Supply of Colorado, your #1 source for Solar Products and installations will soon be offering in home service for all of your electrical needs.  Details to come and we look forward to offering the Denver metro area all of your electrical needs! posted: January 15, 2014

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Coming in the next few months Solar Supply of Colorado, your #1 source for Solar Products will be soon offering in home service for all of your electrical needs.  Details to come and we look forward to offering the Denver metro area all of your electrical needs! posted: January 15, 2014

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Have you ever had any work done on your home or business?  Has the contractor that you hired asked for funds up-front prior to pulling permits?  Have you ever paid in full for a job that has not been started?
 If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you must be careful and make sure that the money is being spent correctly.  For instance, never ever hand out funds until materials have been delivered or at least proven to you that they have been purchased.  The one mistake that homeowners or businesses do way to often is make payment on a project prior to having any work done or materials purchased.  A reputable contractor will not ask for any type of payment on the job until they have either purchased materials or have delivered materials to the jobsite.    Most contractors have payment plans worked out and have established payment terms with their distributors.  Contractors that require upfront money normally do not have these terms established or area not very good at making payment on the materials that have been purchased.  If there is concern once a contractor has asked for payment prior to materials being purchased ask the contractor who their distributors are and feel free to call them.  No matter what, the general rule is never pay for anything on your project until you know for sure that the materials have been purchased or that the work has been completed.Here at Solar Supply of Colorado, we never ask for money upfront for materials or work that has not yet been completed.  Our Ethical stance is that we purchase materials and ask the customer to come to our warehouse to view the materials or we deliver the materials to their local prior to collecting funds for those materials.  In addition to that, we do not collect final payment until the project has been completed and is commissioned.

Solar Supply of Colorado is your #1 source for Solar Products, Installation and Engineering of any Solar System.  We take the upper road and have a strong Ethics to this industry and our customers.  Do not be fooled, stick with the local leader that is locally owned and operated and is in conjunction with our parent company that has been in business for over 25 years. posted: November 7, 2013

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Is your PV Solar Array not working?  Is the company that you purchased it from no longer in business?  Do you feel that the system was installed poorly and to quick?

All of these questions maybe going through your mind if you are having issues with your PV System on the roof of your home.  As of lately, we have been having Solar PV owners calling us to ask if we could look at their system because it does not seem to be working right.  The #1 issue we seem to be seeing is poor installation.  Unfortunately, these systems that are having these issues is due to the fact that the system was installed poorly and as quick as possible so that the selling company could make a quick buck and be done with it.  The end result.....A PV System that is no longer working or is working, but under performing.

If this is you, please do call Solar Supply of Colorado.  We are the local experts that can diagnose and fix any issues that you maybe having with your Solar Array. posted: October 10, 2013

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Solar is helping Colorado families, schools and businesses take charge of their power supply and their electricity bills like never before. This private investment in rooftop solar is helping build a cleaner, safer and more resilient energy supply for all Coloradans. And the state’s largest power provider, Xcel Energy, is apparently not too happy about it.
The Colorado arm of Xcel just proposed a plan that would soon make solar a bad deal for customers in its service territory. Xcel is using shady math and backroom tactics to try to roll back the state’s successful net metering policy, which allows solar customers to get credit on their energy bills for power they deliver to the grid.
This is becoming a familiar story: utilities are using rate design proposals to destroy the customer economics of going solar in an attempt to prevent more of their customers from being able to generate their own power. Instead of engaging in a thoughtful conversation about how the solar industry and Xcel can work together to make rooftop solar an important and a more valuable part of their power supply mix, Xcel is simply trying to get rid of what they see as competition – customer generated solar power.
Xcel issued this anti-net metering proposal last Wednesday, July 24th as part of its annual Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan (Plan). Here are the details:
Step 1: First, Xcel wants the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to allow them categorize net metering as a subsidy, and a big one at that. It is important to note that Xcel wants to calculate this ‘subsidy’ by counting each and every kilowatt- hour (kWh) of solar produced from rooftop systems, and multiplying it by a rate that Xcel has internally calculated (see Table 1 below for the exact ‘subsidy’ rates Xcel is proposing). They aren’t just targeting energy exported to the grid; they all looking at all the energy a solar customer produces, even the energy that is used onsite at a customer’s house to serve their load. This is similar to Xcel saying that when a family’s kids go off to college and that household uses less energy, or when a home-owner installs energy efficient windows, that the reduction in energy usage should be counted as lost revenue that Xcel is entitled to collect.
Xcel’s net metering rollback proposal is based on an study done in-house at Xcel that looks at the costs and benefits that distributed solar brings to Xcel’s grid. Neither the public nor the PUC has reviewed the final study. Vote Solar was a member of the technical review committee of this study, so we know from first hand- experience that the utility was not interested in meaningful public input on the study parameters or the methodology used to conduct the study. It is no surprise that a study shaped entirely by the utility serves the utility’s motives.
Distributed, local rooftop solar delivers innumerable grid benefits, which Xcel is unfairly discounting in their study. Public comments on this study — and we certainly have some comments to share — aren’t due into the PUC until August 30th. We find it disappointing that Xcel’s net metering rollback proposal presents the findings from that flawed study as unquestionable facts.
For residential customers Xcel is claiming that they are entitled to recoup about 6 cents per kWh for all solar produced by residential customers. Given that retail rates for residential customers are about 10.4 cents, Xcel is essentially claiming the value of residential solar is about 4 cents per kWh. For commercial customers the ‘subsidy’ is much lower at 1.5 cents per kWh.
Table 1: Xcel’s internally calculated net metering subsidy calculations
Step 2: Next Xcel wants to be able to recover the money they are losing when their customers reduce their energy bills when they go solar from a fund specifically designed to allow Xcel to invest in renewable energy to meet the state’s renewable energy standard. The fund is called the “Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment Fund” (RESA fund), and it is capped at 2% of each ratepayer’s annual electricity bill. The master plan here is that Xcel could then show what a bad deal distributed rooftop solar is compared to other renewable resources like wind and utility-scale solar. Xcel knows that there is a limited pool of funding available each year in the RESA fund, and thus accounting for net metering in this pool immediately limits the amount of funding available for other renewable energy projects, including wind and utility-scale solar.
Step 3: Here comes the sly part. The third part of its plan, which Xcel is intentionally vague about in an effort to ward off criticism from the solar industry and solar consumers, is to dramatically reduce the net metering bill credit arrangement in their 2014 rate case, or through a legislative change. Although Xcel does not explicitly layout the third part of its plan in this proposal, when asked if net metered customers will be responsible for paying for this ‘subsidy’, it answers cryptically, “No, not at this time.” Or, in another part of the Company’s testimony they say of their plan: “This transparency will not change immediately who pays for the [subsidy].” (See Karen Hyde’s testimony in docket 13A-0836E).
We’re all smart enough to see this proposal for exactly what it is –an attempt to make rooftop solar less attractive to Coloradans, thus slowing down the adoption rate of this clean, local, distributed, and importantly customer-controlled energy resource.
We disagree with Xcel’s conclusions in its solar costs and benefits study, and more importantly we see their proposal as an unacceptable start to the conversation about net metering and potential reform ideas. While that conversation should happen, Xcel’s proposal should not be considered until the public and the PUC can thoroughly evaluate the underlying data Xcel is using to justify this anti-rooftop solar proposal. We believe that Xcel’s current solar costs and benefits study does not recognize the tremendous value that rooftop solar delivers to Colorado.
We should remember what is at stake in this conversation. Rooftop solar is helping to build a cleaner, safer and more resilient energy supply for all Coloradans. It’s creating a vibrant new energy economy: 275 solar companies employ 3,600 Coloradans throughout the state. It’s making Colorado a solar leader: CO ranks 5th in the nation for the amount of solar power installed. And it’s what Coloradans want: Polling conducted earlier this year showed that a majority of Colorado voters agree that it’s important to have clean energy powering their homes (60%)
By, Vote Solar

by The Vote Solar Initiative
posted: August 5, 2013

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Have you ever been told by an installer that Micro Inverters are not the way to go?  Specifically Enphase Micro Inverters because they will what some in the Industry call "Flat Line"?

Truth be told, this is not the case.  A Micro inverter can handle more than what the face plate states because when it comes down to it the rating of the module are really based on the STC which is a combination of the temperature of the air as well as the amount of light hitting it.

When it comes down to it, Enphase Micro Inverters are the best money for the project because the chances of an Inverter Flat lining are almost none.  Next time, do a cost comparison and see what gets you the most money vs. kWh.  Education is key, so do not just go by a sales reps word, research it and you will see for yourself.

For more information on this subject, click on the link that takes you to an article about Enphase Inverters and Module combinations.

We at Solar Supply of Colorado, your one stop source for Solar Equipment, Installation and Design are always here to help you.  Please give us a call and find out what makes us so different from the "Other Guys". posted: June 4, 2013

 Solar without tax Incentives and Rebates? ShareThis
Is it possible to still have a great payback on a Solar P.V. System without Federal Tax Incentives and Xcel Energy rebates?  The answer to that is....."YES"!!!!!  At current prices of a standard 5.0kW Solar P.V. System installed on an Asphalt Shingled roof facing south, you can expect to see a payback time of 11 years.  Just think about that, 11 years on a system that is warranted for 25 years and has a life expectancy of 50 years.  However, rebates and tax incentives are available, so take advantage of these programs while you still can.

A standard system payback is currently at 6 years.  What this means is that you get a high quality P.V. System that you can pay off in the next 6 years (rebates and tax incentives apply).  Why pay your utility company for the next 6 years when you can pay yourself for the same power production.  After 6 years, no payments!!!

If you do not like paying your current electric bill and want to see a fast pay back on your Solar P.V. System, call Solar Supply of Colorado Today! posted: April 16, 2013

 Prices have just dropped....Again! ShareThis

Just announced - Substantially lower pricing on our solar installs.

Save thousands off previous quotes.

Best deal we have ever had on solar.

If your still serious about solar, now is the best time to get signed up for a new system.

We have procured a large number of top quality solar modules, and inverters.  Due to bulk pricing we are able to drop the price of a new residential solar system by a substantial amount.  Act now and take full advantage of the rapidly disappearing Xcel solar rebates.  Why pay money out of pocket when we offer full financing designed to cut your electric bill by as much as half?*  

Are you ready to stop paying higher, and higher, electric rates?  At today's inflation your electric bill will more than double in 10 years unless you do something about it right now.  Solar is the answer - and it's saving people tens of thousands in future electric bills.

We are not like those other guys - here's how we help our customers every day:
- You own the system, this is not some lease that you get locked into.
- You keep all the Federal and Xcel rebates (this pays for most of the system for you).
- You get a 25 year warranty on modules and inverters.
- You become your own power company and will never get a rate hike again.
- You get micro inverters rather than string inverters giving you more power per month, with bigger rebate checks.
- And best of all, you drop your monthly payment far below what your paying for electric now with zero out of pocket expense!

Contact Solar Supply of Colorado today and get your "three months with no electric payments" as a special thank you.  You can't afford to miss this opportunity to save thousands.  No money out of pocket - drop your electic bill by as much as HALF!* posted: March 27, 2013

 Local vs Out of State ShareThis
Does the Solar Company that you are talking to have a physical address and not just a P.O. Box or suite Down Town?  Are they considered a Brick and Morter business?  Can you go to their facility to tour equipment and to verify that they are not just some large company based out of California, etc...?  We strongly encourage all of our customers to research and ask these very questions.  We, at Solar Supply of Colorado are a locally owned, operated business that encourages its current and future customers to come to our facility to see, research and learn about Solar and what the solar equipment can do for them.

Do not be fooled, a sales office is in-personal and you do not always know what you get!

Come visit us at 5440 Marshall St. Unit #1 Arvada, CO 80002.  We look forward to seeing you. posted: January 31, 2013

 Lease vs Purchase! ShareThis
Leasing companies are offering potential customers of solar a 20% savings over their current electric bill.  This 20% savings is over the course of a 20 year contract with those companies. 
However, what if you were given the option to save 20% on your electric bill for 10 years and then have no electric payment after that for the life of the system?  Well….coming soon, Solar Supply of Colorado, your locally owned Solar Integrator and Designer will be offering just that.  We will soon be giving the homeowners a chance to have more than just that one option.  Not only will you save 20% on your electric bill for 10 years and then after that free electric for the life of the system, but you will also see an increase in your property value by a 1 to 20 increase.  What this means is that for every dollar you save your fist year in energy costs, you see your home value go up $20.00 (i.e. $1,000.00 energy savings = $20,000.00 home value increase).
Contact a Solar Supply of Colorado sales rep today and find out how easy it is to do just that.  Saving money is easy, making it is hard!!!! posted: January 11, 2013

 Bigger Is Not Always Better ShareThis
Here at Solar Supply of Colorado, we disclose all information to our customers when it comes to purchasing a system from us.  As a result of this and that of being a smaller company, we do not have all of the corporate mentalities of trying to get away with un-ethical business practices.  As a result, we are a better business in the long run that looks out for its customers and our financial future.  Just like the banking industry, it appears that there are un-ethical practices occurring out there in the solar world as reported by Reuters.
“But SolarCity disclosed in a regulatory filing this month that the Treasury Department's inspector general is investigating "possible misrepresentations" in the value of solar systems that received the federal cash grants. As part of the probe, SolarCity and others have received subpoenas.
The San Mateo, California company said it had submitted $325 million in cash grant applications as of August 31. If it were required to adjust the value of those applications by a hypothetical 5 percent, it would be required to repay $16 million to its fund investors, SolarCity said in the filing.
Also, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is auditing two of its investment funds. The company would not offer any additional comment.”

Come to the trusted Solar Photovoltaic provider located right here in the Greater Denver Area.  We will take you through every step of the Solar purchasing process and provide you with top quality components and services without getting stuck in the corporate mess.   Unlike the other guys, we tell the truth.

Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to work with us!!!! posted: December 28, 2012

 Energy Rates are going up again! ShareThis
Have you as a homeowner ever thought about what a High efficiency Furnace could do for you or even what an Electric Furnace could do?  You, as a homeowner may want to start to think about this!  Xcel Energy is proposing to increase their Natural Gas prices to homeowners by 5.65% in 2013, 2.8% in 2014 and 2.83% in 2014 (PUC NO-6 Gas Tariff).  Their reasoning behind this is to be able to increase the 20 year outlook for project repairs to 10 years.  Now, our question is what happens in 2015?  Our assumptions are that the price that you see on your bill will not go down but will continue to increase due to an improved economy and the increase in natural gas due to more consumption being used by that improved economy.
So, here is a question you should ask yourself.  “Do I get a high efficiency Gas Furnace to help offset those costs or do I look into getting an Electric Furnace and then install a Photovoltaic Electric System (Solar) on my roof to help eliminate those costs all together”?  Both ways would be wise to do, however, a gas furnace will not increase the value of your home like a Solar Photovoltaic System will that helps power an Electric Furnace.  Xcel Energy would say that both options are a wise one. 
Solar Supply of Colorado is here to help.  We can show you how you can see an increase in your home’s value, return on investment in 5 to 6 years and how you can help the environment as a whole.  Please feel free to call Solar Supply of Colorado at anytime.  We are here to help you, the homeowner, make a financially sound decision. posted: December 28, 2012

 Solar Growth ShareThis
RECORD YEAR FOR SOLAR - More solar PV was installed in the first nine months of 2012 in the U.S. than in all of last year, ensuring this will be a record year for solar energy. Today, 6.4 gigawatts are operating in the U.S. which is more than enough to power a million average households, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Colorado is ranked fifth in cumulative capacity.

Solar Supply of Colorado is excited to have been part of this growth over the past year as well as the past 5+ years.  We strive ourselves to be a premium solar installer in the Denver metro area that can handle all of your Solar needs.
posted: December 19, 2012

 New Solar Energy Rebates! ShareThis
Xcel Energy has released their new tiers for the Solar Rebate Program.  The rebates ended up being better then expected.  Please contact a Solar Supply of Colorado Rep today to discuss how they can save you $$ right away by going with a quality Solar PV System from Solar Supply of Colorado, LLC.






Solar*Rewards Installer Update: December 18, 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, we have a number of Solar*Rewards program updates we'd like to share with you.

New Mailing Address for Checks
Beginning on January 1, 2013, all Solar*Rewards application deposit checks must be mailed to the following address:

Xcel Energy
Solar*Rewards Program
P.O. Box 59
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0059

In addition, we've extended the time frame allotted for submitting the Application Deposit Form and check. Beginning January 1, you'll have seven business days from the date of application submission to send in your payment. Please remember that all deposit forms must be mailed with the check, in addition to being uploaded to the electronic application.

This change allows us to process the checks more smoothly and provide our team with additional time for application review. Please note that we will no longer be accepting checks at the Denver mailing address next year.


2013 Solar*Rewards Program Capacity
The Solar*Rewards program capacity levels and REC prices are as follows for 2013:


2013 Small Program Capacity (<10 kW)


Owned REC Price

Third Party REC

MW in Step
Step 3 $0.13 $0.08 4.8
Step 4 $0.11 $0.07 4.8



2013 Medium Program Capacity (10.1- 500 kW)


          Medium REC Price

            MW in Step
Step 3 $0.08 8.2
Step 4 $0.07 8.2
posted: December 18, 2012

 $200.00 Solar Rebate from SSC ShareThis
Now till March 1st, 2013 Solar Supply of Colorado will be offering a $200.00 solar rebate of its own back to our new customers upon completion of a Solar PV System the size of a 4kW or larger.  That is in addition to the rebate and tax credits that you will be receiving from Xel Energy and the federal goverment.  Take advantage of the rebates now before they expire.

Solar Supply of Colorado is proud to be an Arvada business located in the greater Denver metro Area.  As your Solar experts, we look forward to another great year with you, our customers and many more customers to come! posted: December 12, 2012

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