Solar Supply of Colorado in Arvada can build most any type of Solar PV system for your Front Range. Whether it be ground mounting your solar panels, roof install, or sun tracking - our Nabcep Certified install team can get it done. All of our Installers are “in house”, we do not subcontract out labor. Most of our Denver area Residential Solar PV systems are completed within a 90 day start to finish time frame, with only 3-5 days of actual install on the roof. The majority of the time is getting all the paperwork done for our customers with the Utility provider. Solar supply of Colorado in Arvada uses first in class solar materials, consisting of flashing, racking, micro inverters, solar panels and web-based monitoring.

Flashing     Racking    Micro Inverters    Panels


PV Quick Mounts are the best-selling roof mounts. They use their patented technology to form the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant watertight mount available for composition roofs. The Classic Composition Mount is backed by solid engineering and certified by the ICC-ES.


Pro Solar patented Roof TracTM system installed with the Tile Trac® attachment method provides an ideal solution for mounting on a tile roof. Tile Trac® reduces the possibility of broken tiles and leaking roofs, allowing the installer to make structural attachments to the roof rafter. The Roof TracTM installed with the Tile Trac® allows solar support rails to be adjusted to compensate for uneven roofs.

Micro Inverters

Enphase Energy (ENPH) perfected the micro inverter concept. By using an inverter at the solar panel, they completely changed the solar industry. Solar Supply of Colorado’s Solar PV systems are not effected by small amounts of shade, or clouds. Solar Supply of Colorado's Solar PV systems outperform production predictions from PVwatts. The Enphase M215 is the world’s most efficient microinverter. Based on Enphase’s third generation technology, the M215 incorporates the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver 96% CEC efficiency and a range of patented performance features that maximize the performance of 60-cell solar module. In addition, the M215 is lighter weight than the M190 and offers a “single-bolt” mounting bracket that makes installation even easier.


Solar Supply of Colorado in Arvada, CO uses a wide varity of panel manufacturer's while focusing on Performance and reliability for our Denver and Arvada area solar customers. Here are some of the panel manufacturer's we use:

Siliken Solar Modules

Siliken Poly-Crystalline Solar Modules (Black)

Siliken Poly-Crystalline Solar Modules (Silver/White)

Yingli Solar Modules - PANDA Series

Schott Solar Perform - Poly-Crystalline Solar Modules